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Pilates with Purpose: Ruby’s Story

Pilates with Purpose: Ruby’s Story Back pain is becoming the great, health leveller and due largely to our 24-hour digital dependency, it is now a multi-generational problem. For most people, a couple of sessions with a Physio and a handful of pain pills is the obvious (and short term) solution, but studies are increasingly showing […]

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Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness Matters ‘Modern mindfulness’ is a booming industry. In this hyper-connected, 24/7, fast-paced world, mindfulness has become part of the modern survival kit. To live with less stress, greater focus, and some semblance of balance, most of us accept that we must take/make time to find some peace in our world. But what is ‘mindfulness’, […]

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Studio Playground with Lora Rainey

Studio Playground with Lora Rainey: 26 August In Pilates, mastery is all about performing with greater intention and precision in our movement. This is where we observe change in our bodies and the benefits of the method are most powerfully felt. Studio Pilates is often regarded as the purest form of the discipline. It’s a […]

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Get Primal with Suzanne Newby

Recently PFI’s client workshops have explored how we can address specific areas of dysfunction in movement or performance (see: Tech Neck and Baby Got Back Workshops) to improve everyday functionality, performance and general wellbeing. On 17 June, we’ll be taking this to full-body level with a Masterclass led by PFI Director and movement maven, Suzanne […]

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Tech Neck: More Than A Pain In The Neck

Tech Neck: More than a pain in the neck. It’s universally acknowledged that these days we spend too much time staring at screens. We can pretty safely assume you’re reading this on your phone right now, aren’t you? If you’re not, and are sitting up straight and reading from a screen positioned at eye level; […]

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Are you a Pilates Groupie?

PILATES {pul-a-teez} GROUPIE (n.) (adjective: obsessive, bendy body): used as a term of pride and positive group identity. A Pilates Groupie is characteristically intellectual and fanatical about the practice of Pilates. An afflicted person may dedicate exorbitant amounts of time to Pilates workouts, its history, principles, techniques and various debates over superior methodology. A Pilates […]

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Post Pregnancy: The Journey Back

PFI Pregnancy and Post Natal Wellness  Post Pregnancy: The Journey Back Director and Principle Trainer PFI, Suzanne Newby   Healing after baby is not a linear process. Someone smart once said it takes nine months to grow them, a minimum of nine months for our body to heal, and 12 months to get back to […]

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INSTRUCTOR TRAINING OPEN DAY – Saturday April 29th 2017

If you’re here, chances are you love Pilates. Maybe it’s a hobby – but could it be something more? If you’ve thought about becoming a Pilates Instructor, what’s stopping you? This is your chance to find out more, and take the first step towards what will be an incredibly inspiring journey. Pilates Training Institute is […]

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