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WA Day Trading Hours (2)


We love Public Holiday Pilates. Somehow it’s more about enjoyment and less about “getting it done”! This long weekend we have you covered with classes as normal on Saturday and Sunday, and a reduced schedule on holiday Monday, 24 September. Places are limited, BOOK NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. Come and create some Pilates magic with us this long weekend!

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Hips & Hormones

Hips & Hormones Hormones are the master controllers of the body. Remember the word homeostasis from high school Biology? It’s all about equilibrium in the body’s physical processes, and hormones are responsible for achieving and maintaining homeostasis. Our hormones are optimal during reproductive years and remain so as long as our children are completely dependent […]

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Suzanne Newby: My Pregnancy Journey

My Pregnancy Journey -Director and Principle Trainer PFI, Suzanne Newby It is perhaps the simplest and most obvious thing in the world, but it bears repeating: no two pregnancies are the same. Every pregnancy is different. Every woman’s journey is different, and that in itself is a wonderful thing. Thanks to the constant chatter from […]

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The Power of the Breath: Part One

The Power of the Breath: Part One We breathe all day, every day, for a lifetime; but how much thought do you give to how you breathe? Modern life has reduced breathing to a perfunctory exchange of air. We breathe shallow, high into the chest, too fast, restricted and distorted. The way we breathe every […]

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Anula, Anula, Anula: Why we love her so

Anula, Anula, Anula: Why we love her so Philosophical, intelligent, and funny: safe to say, we love Anula. So, we’re thrilled to be the first stop on her first ever visit down under, from 15 – 18 February. While WA’s, nay Australia’s, Pilates community is buzzing with her imminent arrival, her visit isn’t to solely […]

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Mums & Bubs: What you can expect when you’re done expecting

Mums & Bubs: What you can expect when you’re done expecting The benefits of regular exercise apply equally to the new mother, as at any other stage of life. Always consult with your doctor before starting any postnatal exercise program. Readiness to jump (figuratively, probably not literally) into exercise is dependent on many factors and will […]

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Be My Pilates-Pal: 10 Reasons Why

Be My Pilates-Pal: 10 Reasons Why All the best things in life are better when they’re shared: food, sunsets, laughter, wine, hugs… Pilates! It’s not new research: countless studies show exercising with someone (friend, husband, partner, family member – you name it) is good for motivation and performance. Ultimately, you’re more likely to work out […]

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Posture Tips for After Baby

Posture Tips for After Baby Good posture during pregnancy helps create room for baby to grow; encourages optimal blood flow and oxygen exchange; reduces aches and pains; and makes you feel better, generally. A healthy posture post baby can help to stabilise the structural imbalance that pregnancy and newborn life has created in the body, […]

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