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Online Booking Instructions

Online Booking Instructions Group Class Bookings  PFI aims to make your Pilates experience as efficient and convenient as possible and our booking system allows you to book a place in your preferred class or make a purchase from the convenience of your home, desk or phone! Which classes need to be booked online? Reformer, Barre […]

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Enhance Your Dance with Rachel Dekuyer

Enhance Your Dance with Rachel Dekuyer In August, international professional dancer, career Pilates Instructor and resident PFI danseur extraordinaire, Rachel Dekuyer, will be leading a three-part, specialised workshop for dancers. Over three weeks, Rachel will apply Pilates methods to core topics that are fundamental to the development of professional-level technique, improved performance and general, athletic wellbeing. In […]

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Get Primal with Suzanne Newby

Recently PFI’s client workshops have explored how we can address specific areas of dysfunction in movement or performance (see: Tech Neck and Baby Got Back Workshops) to improve everyday functionality, performance and general wellbeing. On 17 June, we’ll be taking this to full-body level with a Masterclass led by PFI Director and movement maven, Suzanne […]

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My Pregnancy Journey – Suzanne Newby

Pre Natal Wellness My Pregnancy Journey   Director and Principle Trainer PFI, Suzanne Newby It is perhaps the simplest and most obvious thing in the world, but it bears repeating: no two pregnancies are the same. Every pregnancy is different. Every woman’s journey is different, and that in itself is a wonderful thing. Thanks to […]

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Pilates vs Yoga

Pilates Fitness Institute WA  What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga? It might seem like an innocent enough question, and to those new to both disciplines it could well appear that Yoga and Pilates are just branches of the same tree. While there are a number of similarities between the two, of course, there’s […]

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It’s Barre-y Good: Why So Popular?

  “Barre” is actually a kind of catch-all name for hundreds of ballet-derived programs available today, think: Booty Barre, Pure Barre, Barre 3, Figure 4, and of course Barre Attack, and Pregnancy & Post Natal Barre Attack (offered at PFI WA). Let’s start at the beginning: the “Barre” is a horizontal bar that runs along […]

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