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Gut Healthy Bubba

I’m sure those of you that have a baby amongst your family have often “browsed” the aisles of the supermarket when that time comes to start introducing solids. It goes a bit like this: I might try this, and this and this, Sarah said this is good, Molly also recommended this, Google told me that […]

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Pho copy

Return to life with this Vietnemese Pho recipe

After jumping, ok so maybe more like crawling (24 hours on a plane, WHAT THE PHO?! – pun completely and unashamedly intended) off the plane back home after my amazing NYC trip I was feeling dehydrated and sapped of all energy and nutrients. I was craving something healthy and light but delicious and warming so […]

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rice paper rolls

Ginger poached chicken rice paper rolls

I don’t know about you but when it’s stinking hot (hello 41 degree day, yes, we know it’s still summer) and my cells are starting to resemble dried crocodile no matter how much coconut oil I bathe in, all I feel like eating is cold, fresh, water based foods to hydrate from the inside out. […]

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Crumbed Zucchini Chip Recipe

This recipe happened because I was getting so bored with eating the same side dishes and I was craving something new and exciting but healthy and delicious as well. They are so easy to make and because of the lovely crispy crumbs it feels like you are eating something naughty when really they are totally […]

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gluten free lemon cake

Delicious Gluten Free Lemon Cake Recipe

It’s no secret that the PFI crew LOVE their food and we love sharing our best creations any time we find an excuse to get together. Last year, our beloved roster guru and instructor extraordinaire Mel bought in this amazing lemon cake that changed our lives and since then we have all been pulling this […]

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Easy Raspberry and Chia Jam Recipe

  I am a raspberry fiend and so when I discovered this recipe, I was really excited to give it a go. Not only is this jam really quick and easy to make (essential these days), it is much healthier than the sickly, sugary jams you traditionally come across. You should know by now that […]

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Quinoa 1

All about Quinoa – the super seed!

Quinoa (say ‘Keen-wah’) is the on trend food of the moment. As a Dietitian, I am admittedly the ultimate sceptic. I will always tend to steer clear of fad media about ‘superfoods’ claiming to be the be-all and end-all cure to every ailment under the sun, BUT quinoa is really a great product to include in […]

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Banana Whip

Miracle Banana Whip Recipe

This is seriously the most ridiculously easy, yummy and healthy dessert ever and it will change your life. Back in the day whilst I was at uni studying my Nutrition degree, one of my lecturers told us that you can make banana ice-cream just by using bananas. Yeah right. In my head this was just […]

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