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Recently PFI’s client workshops have explored how we can address specific areas of dysfunction in movement or performance (see: Tech Neck and Baby Got Back Workshops) to improve everyday functionality, performance and general wellbeing.

On 17 June, we’ll be taking this to full-body level with a Masterclass led by PFI Director and movement maven, Suzanne Newby who’ll be exploring how we can apply Primal Movement (also known as ‘Primal Move’) methodology to challenge established patterns and re-program our bodies to move with greater efficiency and less pain.

But what is, primal movement? Simply put, it is any basic, natural, human movement. Babies can teach us a lot about it. Small children naturally ‘belly breathe’ (diaphragmatically) and move intuitively through space, which means they tend to have perfect, natural form; observe a toddler in squatting position and you’ll see perfect neutral spine and neck, knees tracking over toes and heels on the ground. (All the points the rest of us work so hard for, yet they do so effortlessly!)

Unfortunately, all this lovely natural programming tends to come undone around school age when we’re required to sit, in one position, for hours on end. Our bodies quickly become conditioned to repeated movements and the challenge in every day and sports movements alike begin to diminish unless we change something, like intensity, duration, load or technique.

The further we move away from the pure form, the more restriction, dysfunction, weakness and instability we create; which ultimately leads to discomfort, pain and injury.

The goal of the primal movement, movement is to strip everything back and make mindful changes to the way we move, and do it in a beautiful and playful way. The theory is present, to varying degrees, in a lot of popular fitness models today like HIIT, CrossFit and Bootcamp etc, but a little-known fact, Primal Move has been a core tenet of Pilates since day one (courtesy of Joseph Pilates!).

The PRIMAL MOVEMENT Masterclass is not about contortion or circus tricks, it is about how we can (often simply) restore natural movement in daily life; enhance performance and find new challenges in our Pilates practice.

Full-body movements will increase your heart rate, fire up your nervous system, build new body/brain connections and increase awareness of how your body moves through space. Be ready to get hot and sweaty, and you’ll need to stay mindful to keep up!

The best part is that because the class is about challenging the individual mind-set, it is accessible and safe for everyone – even those who have never done Pilates with PFI before, and scalable to all abilities: from beginner to Pilates superstar.

The body is designed to move, so come unleash your inner animal and discover something new with Suzanne! Book here for Suze’s class workshop.

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