Mums & Bubs: What you can expect when you’re done expecting


Mums & Bubs: What you can expect when you’re done expecting

The benefits of regular exercise apply equally to the new mother, as at any other stage of life.

Always consult with your doctor before starting any postnatal exercise program. Readiness to jump (figuratively, probably not literally) into exercise is dependent on many factors and will differ from person to person: while some are ready and cleared at six weeks postpartum, others will need a little more healing time. Listen to your body and get medical advice, and you can’t go wrong!

Our Mums & Bubs Pilates classes are specifically tailored to the physical needs of the postpartum body. So, what do you need to know about post-natal Pilates at PFI?

  1. The benefits

The health benefits of post-natal Pilates include:

  • Restoring/healing pelvic floor function
  • Re-knitting rectus abdominal separation
  • Regain muscle memory connection for your core
  • Back, neck and joint support
  • Stretching to release tension (babies are heavy!)
  • Upper body strengthening to help with feeding (see: babies are heavy!)
  • Improved flexibility
  • General wellbeing
  • Stress release
  • sleep
  • Elongation of the spine and posture correction
  • Self-confidence: “me time”
  1. Readiness

At your six (vaginal) or eight (caesarean section) review, your doctor (OB/GP) will advise you on returning to exercise.

To ensure your safety, we also highly recommend new Mums seek out a women’s health Physiotherapist in addition to seeing their GP/OB to get a complete view on pelvic floor, bladder and abdominal function post birth. A Physio can help to identify problem areas and formulate a plan for healing and getting back into exercise.

Please feel free to discuss any issues or health concerns with our Instructors before or after your class!

  1. Book!

Bookings are essential! We like to keep numbers in Mums & Bubs small so you can get the attention you need. Book on the PFI website, call, or using the MindBody App.

  1. What to bring

You can bring your baby to all post-natal classes, or not!

Prams are welcome (please park them along the outer edge of the room), or pop baby in a carrier. You can also bring a mat for bub to lay on and some toys.

For Mum, you only need water, a towel or roll mat; we’ve got the rest covered!

Please note babies are more than welcome in all post-natal classes (Barre and Mat), but only until they are “highly mobile”. We ask that you not bring them along once they’re actively crawling, as it poses a safety risk.

  1. Cry, cry, cry again

Your baby will cry (and maybe even scream) in class at some point. It is inevitable, and it’s totally OK! We expect it.

Another reason we keep class numbers small is so we can help with bub and let Mum get a work out! (Plus, our staff love any excuse for baby cuddles!)

  1. Patience is a virtue

Post-natal healing is an exercise in patience! Patience with your new, Mum body; and patience with your new lifestyle/schedule/lack of schedule.

While you may have every intention to throw yourself back into it and work out regularly, your baby will not always want to honour your dedication and plans. Some days are tough, and we understand that.

It can be frustrating for new Mums who are ready and eager to get back into fitness, however, rest assured it will get easier to schedule exercise as your baby gets older! In the meantime, just do what you can do and enjoy this special time!

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