New Class: Introducing Interval Matwork


New Class: Introducing Interval Matwork

We sat down with Jae Edwards, poster girl for our new class: Interval Matwork, to get the scoop on this hot (literally), new style!

  1. Describe Interval Matwork in three words.

Slow, conditioned, burn.

  1. Tell us more!

We wanted to create a unique class that caters to clients who enjoy high intensity formats, but also want the conditioning benefits of a matwork-based Pilates class.

Essentially, what we’ve done is introduce pace, intervals and a focus on isometric movement and holding patterns, to a Progressive Matwork class.

“High intensity” can be a bit of a dirty word, often we think: heart thumping, joint crunching, high impact that can wear your body down more than build it up, if done the wrong way.

With Interval Matwork we’re demonstrating that high intensity can be low impact and incredibly effective!

Because we’ve built this class on key Pilates elements, we’ve created a high intensity workout that is not only safe but it’s good for spine and joint health, while ensuring optimal conditioning of connective tissues and muscles.


  1. What can we expect from a class?

Fifty minutes of hard work and fun! Get lean, get strong, get sweaty!

In terms of structure, IM has four intervals in total: during each of these, we layer Pilates-based exercises that build in intensity to ensure you’re working hard and getting your heart rate up.

Transitions between exercises is where flow comes in to play. Instead of stopping and changing position, in this class we use Pilates movements to transition between exercises. In IM, we’re constantly working!

This kind of transitioning is a new concept for some people, and is proving to be a fun challenge point for clients so far.

  1. What would you say to someone considering an IM class?

If you’re looking for a toning, muscle sculpting work out that gets the heart rate up: look no further!

More specifically, I’d say to Barre fans that this is something you will thoroughly enjoy because it combines all those fast paced, high intensity, slow burn elements you love, with Pilates to condition the whole body. It will complement your Barre schedule perfectly and allow you to mix it up a bit coming into summer!

If you love Matwork classes, IM is unlike anything you’ve ever done at PFI because it pushes the boundaries of what we can do on the mat.

We’re used to being quite static when we work on the floor, and this class injects a whole new level of energy. If you’ve ever wanted to get a bit more of a sweat up, while working on your Pilates form at the same time, you’ll love IM.

Worlds are colliding; and it’s awesome! I’ll see you on the mat, come ready to work!

Interval Matwork is a “Progressive” level class. Check the PFI timetable for the next available Interval Matwork class, and book yourself in today!

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