Preparing for Labour with Suzanne Newby

Preparing for Labour with Suzanne Newby

It is probably the most obvious thing in the world, but it when it comes to the business of baby-birthing: no two labours are the same. And there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to have a baby! What is good for you might not be for someone else, however, we can all similarly find comfort in equipping ourselves with knowledge, confidence and power to give birth without fear.

On 22 July, PFI Director Suzanne Newby will be leading workshop doing exactly this, looking at how we can use movement, posture and mindfulness across the stages of labour to encourage an empowered birthing experience with minimal intervention.

“How will I be able to handle the pain?”

“What if I can’t handle the pain?”

“What can I do to cope with the pain?”

“What if I don’t pack the right things?”

“What if my birth plan goes out the window?”

All this anxiety tends to boil down to:


“What can I do to prepare for this?!”


The desire to be prepared is something that unites mothers to be, whether you’re a first timer or have been through it before. We nest, research (maybe too much), over-think and concoct any number of ‘what-if’ scenarios, and it is all part of the process!

The truth is that discomfort is a reality of pregnancy and birth; however, we can condition ourselves to be ‘comfortable’ during the baby growing and birthing parts, in equal measure!

In this workshop, we will explore how we can reasonably prepare for:

  • Stage One: early (latent) labour, active labour and transitional (advanced) labour.
  • Stage Two: pushing and delivery.
  • Stage Three: delivery of the placenta.

At each stage, and sub-phases, Suzanne will be looking at:

  • How you can expect to feel in your body.
  • Movement suited to each stage to help manage discomfort.
  • Postural influences on foetal positioning: what you can do to optimise foetal position, and help with non-optimal alignment (posterior and breech).
  • How mindfulness can be used to stay in-tune with your body, to reduce anxiety and discomfort.


We’ll also be discussing birth plans and how they can be used to in a medical environment to advocate for Mum while also keeping baby safe.

On a more practical level, we’ll talk tips and tricks for packing your hospital bag: things that will help with discomfort and getting to know you baby on the outside.

Textbook smooth sailing, or high risk and fraught with complications; no drugs, some drugs or all of the drugs; in a bathtub, your lounge room or a hospital bed; midwife or OB; vaginal delivery or C-section; breast or bottle fed (it goes on and on…): there’s so much beauty in difference! This workshop will help you feel empowered to tackle your birth experience head on.


After all, ‘Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear’ (Jane Weidemen, Birth Buddy).


WHO | Presented by Suzanne Newby
WHEN | Saturday 22nd July, 1.00pm – 3pm
WHERE | 9A/248 Leach Hwy, Myaree
COST | $60 or $50 for members and Pilates Training Institute students (discount applied at next m’ship payment)
RSVP | Register by signing here

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