Spring Clean with the Pilates Lifestyle


Spring Clean with the Pilates Lifestyle

Pilates is a principle-based method, not just a random assortment of exercises to make you fitter, stronger, and leaner. One of the best things about Pilates is that once we understand these principles, we quickly observe them spilling over into everyday life, until it forms part of our lifestyle.

But what is a “Pilates Lifestyle”? It’s a loaded question and one that elicits lots of beautiful, eloquent responses from our Instructors and clients alike.

At PFI, a Pilates-inspired life is one where we are free and empowered to live with intention across all aspects of life. It’s only when we live with intention that we can create “balance” that is meaningful and works for us, not against or despite us.

It’s: intention. Balance. Harmony.

Given it is spring, the season for renewal, there’s no better time to look at how we can tap into the six Pilates principles to improve our overall happiness, health and wellbeing.

Consider the following:

  • Using the Breath. Are you breathing properly? Use the breath to empower and release.
  • Find Control. Challenge mind-body connection (mindfulness). What are your goals (diet, exercise, work, home life)?
  • Concentration. Are you present? Prioritise living in the moment.
  • Move from the Centre. Do you live and move with intention? Take time to connect.
  • Feel Flow in life. Are your mind and body working together?
  • Prioritise Precision. Are you connected? Is your mind working with your body to create intention in movement?

“Pilates is Life” is more than an awesome t-shirt slogan. Pilates gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our bodies and minds, to be our very best self! So, go get it!

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