Strong to the Core, with Jessica Romano


Strong to the Core, with Jessica Romano

Just in time for bikini/boardie season: on 14 October, Jess Romano (née: Davey) will be exploring exactly what it takes to work your abs, to the max!

To achieve those coveted, Gisele Bündchen/J Lo/Pink-calibre, wash board abs we need to be working the right muscles, in the right order. (Otherwise known as: using correct muscle recruitment patterns.)

When most of us think abs, we think of the six-pack bit at the front (rectus abdominis), but to work effectively and see the greatest gains in abdominal definition, stability and strength, we need to think core!

In this workshop, Jess will look at how we should strategically recruit the major and minor core muscles, from the inside (deepest to the spine) – out, to ensure quality ab work. “Smart abs”, if you will!

But the core isn’t just abdominals!

Jess will be taking you on a 360-degree tour of your torso, looking at:

  • Correct alignment of the torso, spine, pelvis and ribcage during core work.
  • How to recruit the right muscles, in the right order, without bracing.
  • Addressing common issues with recruitment patterns, like creating tension in or overworking the neck, hip flexors and lower back extensors.
  • How to load the abs so you can work them, hard!
  • How to engage the deepest abdominals, every time.

The workshop will be broken down into three parts: an initial information session followed by group workshop activities and at the end, a class where you get to put all this juicy knowledge into practice! Come prepared to feel the deepest of burns!

Summer-ready abs, come at us! Book now to avoid disappointment.

WHO | Presented by Jessica Romano
WHEN | Saturday 14th October, 1.00pm – 3.00pm
WHERE | 9A/248 Leach Hwy, Myaree
COST | $60 or $50 for members and PTI students (discount applied at next membership payment)
RSVP | Register online or phone (08) 9330 8900.

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