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Pregnancy Pilates: Why You Should Be Doing It!

Pregnancy Pilates: Why You Should Be Doing It! Bun in the oven? Up the duff? Knocked up? Bacon in the drawer? (who knew this was a pregnancy euphemism?! Mmm, bacon.) This one is for you. Today we have (thankfully) cast off the shackles of historical medical recommendations that saw women eating more and doing less […]

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Diastasis Recti: Healing with Pilates

Diastasis Recti: Healing with Pilates Medically known as Rectus Abdominis Diastasis (RAD), this common, post-natal condition is anything but “rad” for the one in three women who experience it. What is diastasis recti? Let us introduce you to the rectus abdominis muscles, best known as the “six-pack” muscles of the abdominal wall. These muscles are […]

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New Class: Introducing Interval Matwork

New Class: Introducing Interval Matwork We sat down with Jae Edwards, poster girl for our new class: Interval Matwork, to get the scoop on this hot (literally), new style! Describe Interval Matwork in three words. Slow, conditioned, burn. Tell us more! We wanted to create a unique class that caters to clients who enjoy high […]

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Strong to the core

Strong to the Core, with Jessica Romano

Strong to the Core, with Jessica Romano Just in time for bikini/boardie season: on 14 October, Jess Romano (née: Davey) will be exploring exactly what it takes to work your abs, to the max! To achieve those coveted, Gisele Bündchen/J Lo/Pink-calibre, wash board abs we need to be working the right muscles, in the right […]

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Welcome To The Family: Cressida Bell Counselling

Welcome To The Family: Cressida Bell Counselling Our on-site, allied health partners are important, and often little known, members of the PFI family. This month, we sat down with our newest family member, Cressida Bell of Cressida Bell Counselling to learn a bit more about her background and services. … My name is Cressida Bell, I […]

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Pilates with Purpose: Ruby’s Story

Pilates with Purpose: Ruby’s Story Back pain is becoming the great, health leveller and due largely to our 24-hour digital dependency, it is now a multi-generational problem. For most people, a couple of sessions with a Physio and a handful of pain pills is the obvious (and short term) solution, but studies are increasingly showing […]

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Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness Matters ‘Modern mindfulness’ is a booming industry. In this hyper-connected, 24/7, fast-paced world, mindfulness has become part of the modern survival kit. To live with less stress, greater focus, and some semblance of balance, most of us accept that we must take/make time to find some peace in our world. But what is ‘mindfulness’, […]

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Lora Image for Workshop

Studio Playground with Lora Rainey

Studio Playground with Lora Rainey: 26 August In Pilates, mastery is all about performing with greater intention and precision in our movement. This is where we observe change in our bodies and the benefits of the method are most powerfully felt. Studio Pilates is often regarded as the purest form of the discipline. It’s a […]

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Pregnancy & Post-Natal Pilates: Q&A with Bonnie

Bonnie has been a regular at PFI, and a big fan of Pilates since 2007 when she joined to ease her back pain. Since then, she has powered through many a Progressive Matwork, Barre Attack and Fitball class, until 2015 when she fell pregnant. Bonnie then moved on to Pregnancy Matwork classes and Pre and Post […]

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