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Pilates and Pregnancy: A Studio Diary

Pilates and Pregnancy: A Studio Diary PFI is a specialist provider of pregnancy (and post-natal) Pilates: our Instructors are highly experienced in working with the female body during pregnancy and after birth (and many are Mums themselves!). But we’re about so much more than simply providing a service; at PFI we are passionate about supporting […]

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How much Pilates is enough?

How Much Pilates is Enough? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question: commitment comes down to you. What do you want to get out of it? What’s your end game? Is Pilates just another element in a broader mix of exercise? Are you using Pilates for cross training? Is Pilates simply an opportunity to […]

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14 Fast-Facts About Joseph Pilates

14 Fast-Facts About Joseph Pilates To honour Joseph Pilates’ birthday on 9 December; and to wish him a very Merry Xmas (because we wouldn’t be PFI without him!) we thought we’d bring you 14 facts about the Father of the discipline. Joseph Pilates was one of nine children and grew up in abject poverty. His […]

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Pregnancy Pilates: Why You Should Be Doing It!

Pregnancy Pilates: Why You Should Be Doing It! Bun in the oven? Up the duff? Knocked up? Bacon in the drawer? (who knew this was a pregnancy euphemism?! Mmm, bacon.) This one is for you. Today we have (thankfully) cast off the shackles of historical medical recommendations that saw women eating more and doing less […]

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Diastasis Recti: Healing with Pilates

Diastasis Recti: Healing with Pilates Medically known as Rectus Abdominis Diastasis (RAD), this common, post-natal condition is anything but “rad” for the one in three women who experience it. What is diastasis recti? Let us introduce you to the rectus abdominis muscles, best known as the “six-pack” muscles of the abdominal wall. These muscles are […]

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Strong to the core

Strong to the Core, with Jessica Romano

Strong to the Core, with Jessica Romano Just in time for bikini/boardie season: on 14 October, Jess Romano (née: Davey) will be exploring exactly what it takes to work your abs, to the max! To achieve those coveted, Gisele Bündchen/J Lo/Pink-calibre, wash board abs we need to be working the right muscles, in the right […]

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Online Booking Instructions

Online Booking Instructions Group Class Bookings  PFI aims to make your Pilates experience as efficient and convenient as possible and our booking system allows you to book a place in your preferred class or make a purchase from the convenience of your home, desk or phone! Which classes need to be booked online? Reformer, Barre […]

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