02 Jan 2018

5 Ways to Maximise Pilates Joy in 2018

The quickest way to fall out of love with any form of exercise is to do the same thing, day in-day out, ad nauseam. You will get bored, then you’re likely to resent it, then avoid it and before you know it, it’s all over and it isn’t even the middle of the year.

The beauty of Pilates is that it is not a static or “cookie cutter” discipline: that is, how we do Pilates is constantly evolving to incorporate modern, scientific understanding and approaches to movement – while simultaneously staying true to Joseph Pilates’ traditional instruction. (Something we are very passionate about at PFI and PTI!)

There’s room for creativity. There’s room for fun! There is always something new to learn, and there’s always another challenge around the corner – if you know how and where to find it.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of reigniting the joy of practice!

“Tell us more!” I hear you ask.

Here are five ways you can quite simply reignite the fire in your every day or weekly Pilates practice in 2018:

  1. Get back to Basics

Pare things right back! Heightened awareness of basic technique can be a great way to change the way you think about your practice; uncover new areas of challenge (that you were perhaps ignoring or not even aware of); and take your workout to the next level.

There’s something refreshing and grounding about getting back to basics!

If you need some prompting, jump into a Basic Matwork or Basic Reformer class for some quick revision!

  1. Assess and address your weak points

The human body is never in perfect balance, there are always things we can work on! (And thank goodness, because perfection would be oh-so boring!)

Critically assess your body and your practice: what do you find challenging? Are there any movements, sequences or techniques you just can’t nail? Note them down.

Now, what can you do about it?

Book a private Studio session! In the studio setting we can assess your pain points or concerns, and then determine how to optimise your practice. In one to three sessions, depending on the extent of your “to-fix” list, we can equip you with skills and awareness of your body that you can then take away and apply in group classes.

(If you continue to find certain techniques unreasonably difficult or you don’t feel you are progressing as you should, speak with your Instructor!)

  1. Studio

It is a point that bears repeating: Studio is a great way to reframe the way you approach Pilates.

There is only so much our Instructors can teach you in a group setting, and there is a whole world of Pilates-fun out there, just waiting to be experienced – in the Studio!

Private or semi-private (small groups) Studio sessions are great if you want to:

  • Refine/improve technique
  • Learn advanced technique
  • Challenge your strength and endurance
  • Focus on a specific area of the body, eg: glutes, core, shoulders etc
  • Try new apparatus: the Cadillac, Barrel, Wundachair, Reformer etc
  • Rehab (non-acute) injuries or address imbalances
  • Assist post-natal recovery
  • Pregnancy conditioning

As previously mentioned, Studio learning is a great way to enhance your group practice!

Keep in mind that semi-private Studio sessions only accommodate small groups and participants must be of similar skill level.

Contact Jackie on (08) 9330 8900 to discuss getting yourself into Studio in 2018, or book online!

  1. Reset yourself

We’ve put together some Reset Packages to give you the flexibility (literal and figurative) to attack your practice in 2018. Whether you’re determined to “see results” and hit some performance goals, eliminate pain, or just get your head and body “right”, we have a membership option for you.

For only $50 a week enjoy all group classes, as often you like, every week for six months.

Or, alternatively, lock yourself in early with group and studio packs: 5% off 10 Pack – use code OMG5
10% off 20 Pack – use code OMG10
15% off 30 Pack – use code OMG15
20% off 50 Pack – use code OMG20

Book online or in person!

  1. Test yourself

“Summer School” is a term that probably sparked ice-cold fear in your heart as a youngster: learning? In summer? Are you nuts?!

Pilates Summer School, however, is guaranteed to do quite the opposite!

Up your Pilates-ante in a structured learning environment with PFI’s Summer School. It’s the brain/love child of Pilates Training Institute (PTI) and Pilates Fitness Institute of WA (PFIWA), and is ideal for people who are looking to gain a deeper, working insight into Pilates applications.

Led by PFI Senior Instructors, the Summer School course explores Matwork and Reformer applications as well as postural analysis, muscle testing and more: it’s about health, wellbeing and movement.

Ultimately, it’s all knowledge you can take away and apply to your own practice and everyday life.

The February intake sold out in 48 hours! So, we heeded the call and added some more dates:

Sunday 4th March 2018: 9.00 – 1.00pm
Sunday 11th March 2018: 9.00 – 1.00pm
Sunday 18th March 2018: 9.00 – 1.00pm

Enrolments are now open! Jump onto our website for more details, or to sign up.



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