15 Dec 2017

A Self-Care Christmas

The end of year follows a predictable pattern:

Christmas fare on shelves (scarily early!); Michael Bublé comes out of hibernation; weekends and weeknights suddenly become choc-full of things to do, places to be and people to see; and long before the turkey even hits the table, comes the inevitable “tips and tricks” for “surviving” the festive season.

Here comes diet culture: the enemy of positive self-esteem and fun times, and it’s the content de jour for social and traditional media outlets.

“Eat, Drink, But Be Wary.”

“Limit your pig-outs!”

“Tips to beat the bulge this Xmas!”

“Don’t get too excited about stuffing your face.”

“Xmas is not a green light to get fat.”

“Christmas Party Weight Loss Tips!”

This is just a small sample of some real article headlines: it’s terrifying and miserable in equal measure!

(Of course, all this pre-Christmas rhetoric is swiftly followed up with how to “fix” yourself for the New Year-type messaging. Oh joy!)

It’s no wonder this time of year can be triggering for some, while for others it’s enough to sap the joy out of the celebration. But don’t let it!

The Christmas/New Year period is all about spending time with the people we love over food made together, sharing traditions and making memories that last a lifetime.

It is meant to be a happy time! So how can we fall in love with our bodies, not out of it?

First, we need to talk about it (check), then we need to be mindful of the messaging coming at us (acknowledge and reject!) and then, most importantly, we need to find ways to feel connected to and good about our bodies, health and each other!

And as we all know, mind-body connection is one of the central tenets of the Pilates discipline!

At the end of every year, we so often hear “Merry Christmas! We’ll see you in February!” But why wait until February? (Unless you’re lucky enough to be going away, of course!)

One of the best ways to stay connected, mindful and happy across December/January is to keep up your usual routine, or a semblance of it, whenever you can find the time.

Fortunately, PFI has got your back with a holiday schedule that ensures ample opportunity to drop in for a class!

Self-care doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Keeping up some Pilates practice over this period is not only great for your form (so no playing catch up later!) but you’ll just feel better generally: mind, body and soul.

This year, eat, drink and be merry: wholeheartedly!



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