Barre is sweaty and fun, is a fusion of dance, Pilates and functional fitness, is low impact cardio with awesome tunes and will make you long and lean.

We have a style to suit every. body.

Barre applies the principles of Pilates at the classic ballet barre to provide low impact, high-intensity cardiovascular benefits for a balanced, lean, whole-body workout.

A dynamic fusion of Pilates, Ballet and functional fitness, Barre is the perfect cardio complement to your Pilates training-mix. No dance or Pilates experience is required to participate!

PFI’s two Barre formats were created in consultation with dance, Pilates and other allied health professionals (Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Doctors) to ensure that while classes move at a dynamic pace, they are also safe and scalable for every body. This stands in stark contrast to other Barre methods in the market today. At PFI, our Barre classes are led by experienced Pilates Instructors only, no PTs, no ring-ins: so you know you’re in safe hands every time.

Barre Attack combines flowing sequences of low impact, high intensity standing Pilates and cardio bursts with modified Ballet repertoire at the barre; and PFI’s in-house Barre Physique style is a unique, integrated format that features flowing, full-range Pilates sequences at the barre and on the mat, inter-spliced with cardio sets and plenty of isometric work!

What can you expect from a Barre class with us?

  • A fun work out, with killer tunes.
  • Warming, flowing whole body movement.
  • Targeted, deep burn (legs, butt, arms, back and abdominals).
  • Creative challenge and resistance using props such as weights, balls and resistance bands.
  • Low impact cardio intervals.

Are you pregnant or post natal? PFI also runs dedicated pregnancy and post natal Barre classes so you can enjoy tailored and safe barre programming! This means you can work hard with the confidence that your teacher has a well thought out plan for your body at this special stage in life.


Barre Attack

Powerful body sculpting and endurance.

Barre Physique

Fluid sequences and high intensity sculpting.

Barre Physique

Safe, low impact cardio and conditioning.


Our Introductory Group Pass is the best way to make a start, so that you can see what works for you and for your body.

Enjoy two weeks of unlimited Reformer, Chair, Arc, Matwork, Barre Attack and Pregnancy and Post Natal classes, for only $69!


Quality in our classes starts from the ground-up! Our classes use imported, dense foam mats and only the best, professional-grade small props, including: weights, poles, magic circles, resistance bands, balls, foam rollers and more. All Barre classes feature purpose-built wooden and steel ballet barres so that you can plie, squat and hang ’til your heart is content, and with total confidence.

All you need to bring to class is toe-less grip socks (compulsory in all formats for hygiene reasons); water to sip on, and a towel to wipe your brow. Grip socks and yoga mats are available for purchase on site.


PFI is open seven days a week with classes scheduled at convenient times throughout the day, across three studio locations. You can use your Intro Pass, membership or casual packages at all of our studios, for early morning and evening classes.

Please note, bookings are essential for Intro Pass clients, and to avoid disappointment, encouraged for classes scheduled during peak times. Booking is just one click away: secure a spot in your favourite class direct from our timetable pages!

We have a four-hour cancellation window and wait-list policy, to ensure you can get into all your preferred classes, as often as possible.


Membership is the most cost-effective way to keep enjoying your favourite classes.

Our Mat and Barre Membership is made for Matwork-lovers: enjoy as many Matwork or Barre classes as you want with unlimited access at both studios.

After variety in your workouts? Our monthly All Access membership gives you access to any and all of our group classes at any of our studios. It’s All Access, Pilates magic!

We also have a selection of casual class packages available, so you can just drop in for a class whenever suits.