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$49 Introductory Group Pass

This pass includes UNLIMITED Reformer, Matwork (excluding Advanced Matwork), Barre and all Pregnancy and Post Natal classes, for two weeks. If you’re new to Pilates, we recommend starting with Basic Level classes and progress when you feel ready.

Learn more about our specialist Pregnancy and Post Natal classes here.

$189 Introductory Studio Pass

Take your Pilates to the next level and achieve results you never thought possible, with the Introductory Studio Pass. Enjoy two Private Studio Appointments, UNLIMITED Semi-Private Studio sessions and UNLIMITED Group Classes, for two weeks!

New Client Membership Special

Sign up for one of our no lock-in memberships before the end of your Introductory Pass and receive $20 off your monthly payments. That’s $20 off every month, for the life of your membership!


Our memberships are one-month minimum with no lock-in and no exit fee: so you don’t have to sweat a big commitment! Memberships are the most affordable way to enjoy Pilates and Barre and transform your body, mind and soul.


We are all about rewarding hard work! Come four or more times a week, every week for a calendar month and score yourself a FREE Semi-Private Studio session.

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Matwork + Barre Membership


Matwork and Barre devotees, this one is for you! Enjoy UNLIMITED Matwork and Barre classes, every week at any of our studios for as little as $8 per class. This includes Basic Matwork, Progressive Matwork, Advanced Matwork, Pregnancy and Post Natal classes, Fitball, Interval Matwork, Barre Attack and Barre Physique.

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Reformer Membership


Enjoy UNLIMITED Reformer classes at any of our studios, every week for as little as $12 per class. This includes Basic, Progressive and Advanced-level Reformer classes; so you can max out on Reformer-joy and feel all of the benefits!


Unlimited Membership


The ULTIMATE membership. Enjoy any and all of our group classes at any of our studios, as much as you like for as little as $18 per class. It’s all-access, Pilates magic with UNLIMITED group classes! Take your pick from Matwork: Basic, Progressive, Advanced and Interval; Pregnancy and Post Natal Matwork and Barre; Fitball; Barre Attack and Barre Physique; and all Reformer classes: Basic, Progressive and Advanced-level. Take your Pilates to the next level and transform your body, mind and soul!


Studio Membership


This is the A-number-one, cream of the crop, primo membership. Enjoy two Semi-Private Studio appointments a week at any of our studios, for as little as $42 per session. The Studio Membership is only available to existing Studio clients and those who have completed an Introductory Studio Pass.

Casual Packages + Remedial Therapies.