We all experience periods in our life that are stressful or worrying which we manage on our own or supported by family and friends. Until we can’t.

Sometimes things get on top of us and our international’s resources run low. Sometimes, our usual ways of coping no longer work for us.

Counselling can offer:

– Extra support during a crisis such a relationship breakdown, pregnancy, or other major transition.
– An unbiased perspective to help you work through last or present anxieties, feelings and thoughts.
– Help to understand a general feeling of stress or worry that find hard to let go of.
– The opportunity to learn more about yourself in order to get more out of life.

Cressida Bell Counselling is a worry and anxiety specialist, working with individuals and couples. To ensure utmost discretion and patient privacy, Cressida personally facilitates all appointment scheduling.

Some typical issues that Cressida helps clients work through are:

– Anxiety and worry
– Poor body image
– Depression and low mood
– Ante and Post Natal issues
– Relationship difficulties
– Bereavement/loss
– Low self esteem
– Work related stress



Choosing your support system is deeply personal. If you’d like the chance to speak to Cressida first before booking your first appointment, this option is the perfect way for you to feel secure and comfortable in your choice.

Appointment duration: Allow 15 minutes
Price: Free


Cressida will first take you through an assessment session o outline the issues you are bringing and clarify what you want to get out of counselling.

You will then have six sessions to explore the issues and consider ideas and techniques to address them.

Appointment duration: Allow 55 minutes
Price: $90 (student rate $70)


Protecting your privacy is a fundamental and right and responsibility of your Counsellor. Cressida is bound by her ethics and adherence to the professional association she is registered with – The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. This ensures confidentiality within their guidelines.

To ensure utmost discretion and patient privacy, Cressida personally facilitates all appointment scheduling and this is not in any way accessible or visual to the Pilates Fitness Institute staff.

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