The energy behind the education
Fran + Suz
Frances Cahill and Suzanne Newby are the owners and driving force behind Pilates Fitness Institute and PilatesITC (RTO#52583). With over 20 years of combined experience, their professional culture draws from traditional Pilates values that prioritise quality learning, delivered with care. It is the winning combination of business acumen, passion for the method, their distinctive style and a commitment to professional development through mentorship that has built one of the most coveted and inimitable studios in the country. Both hold an Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method (91490NSW) and are mentored by Director and Founder of Pilates International, Sally Anderson. They have trained with industry Masters at home and abroad, including Deborah Lesson, Blossom Crawford, Karen Clippinger, Rael Isacowitz and Brooke Siler. They have also been active members of Pilates Alliance Australiasia (PAA).