Our Naturopathy services are lead by Robyn Proud, owner of Melville Naturopathy situated within our Myaree Revive Wellness headquarters.

Melville Naturopathy is a holistic health care practice, combining traditional healing arts with modern evidence based practises to provide you with dynamic health care plans to help you move towards optimal wellness.

Naturopathy addresses underlying causes of illness and health issues through a holistic individual approach. It can be life-changing for families, adults and children.

This change is achieved through herbal medicine together with supplements, nutrition and lifestyle advice. We listen and work with you as as you make choices towards overcoming your health issues and guide you to promote your body’s own processes toward optimum health and vitality.



To create the best wellness plan for you, we conduct our Initial Consultations in two stages. To build a deep understanding of your health, your Naturopath will discuss you medical history in detail, as well as take a look at clues the body gives in your finger mails, irises and skin. Your Naturopath will measure your blood pressure and evaluate your zinc status.

If necessary, functional pathology tests for blood markers, heavy metal levels and hormones may be requested. All of the information gathered helps to uncover important underlying causes to illness. The main focus of the consultation will be on the aspect of your health that is concerning you the most.

Staying true to the holistic principles of natural living, your naturopath will give recommendations on wholesome food options and beneficial lifestyle choices to optimise your wellbeing, which will be outlined in your personal wellness plan.

Nutritional supplements, herbal medicine prescriptions of flower essences may be needed to more effectively restore your health. Regular consultations are important to ensure your wellness plan is adapted as your body changes throughout the therapy. For efficiency in the initial consultation, a questionnaire and three-day food diary will be forwarded to you via email. If you are unable to complete this prior to your initial appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early.

Appointment duration: Allow 60 minutes
Price: $110


We help you stay accountable and on track with your health and wellness goals. Regular consultations will also ensure that we can continuously assess your progress and adapt our plan together for the fastest pathway to results.

Appointment duration: Allow 30 minutes
Price: $60