18 Mar 2018

Be My Pilates Pal: 10 Reasons Why

All the best things in life are better when they’re shared: food, sunsets, laughter, wine, hugs…


It’s not new research: countless studies show exercising with someone (friend, husband, partner, family member – you name it) is good for motivation and performance. Ultimately, you’re more likely to work out and when you do, work harder, when you buddy-up. Pilates is no different.

Why does it work this way?

  1. Quit quitting

Capital “A” Accountability: when someone is counting on you, you’re much less likely to bail out. No more lame excuses!

  1. It’s more fun!

If you’ve got someone groaning/quietly cursing the Instructor alongside you, it makes it all the more enjoyable! Shared pain is fun pain, right? (Always good pain at PFI!) Plus, psychologists tell us fun is a crucial element in forming new habits that actually stick. Talk about team work!

  1. You’ll work harder

Even if you’re not the killer competitive type, you’re destined for work harder when you do Pilates with a partner. Do that extra set or take the advanced option: together, you got this!

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

Sometimes even the most confident person needs a little moral support. It’s easier to discover new activities when you share the experience with a friend. If you’ve thought about trying Pilates for the first time, or having a go at a new format like Reformer or Barre, recruit a buddy!

  1. Social wellbeing

Social interaction is so important to wellbeing. If you think about it, bringing a friend to Pilates is multitasking at its finest: get moving and social at the same time! Tick and tick.

  1. Shared goals

Achieving goals is an amazing feeling; achieving goals together, is even better.

  1. Couples who train together, stay together

Studies show romantic couples who regularly work out together, are happier. (And before he even starts about Pilates being a “girl thing”, get him to read Pilates Training Institute’s blog Gender in Pilates.) Hitting up a couple of Pilates classes a week with your significant other will not only strengthen your bodies, but your relationship and sexual attraction. Hubba, hubba.

  1. Be your best

Fit friendships are good for you! Researchers at Harvard University found that your friends’ health directly impacts your own: if you’re surrounded by people who are active and prioritise health and fitness, you’re more likely to do the same.

  1. Break out of your rut

When you work out solo, you’re more inclined to fall into a fitness plateau. Bringing a friend along to Pilates can help change the vibe, switch up your routine and keep things interesting!

  1. Be rewarded for your efforts

Not only will you experience all the joy of sharing the Pilates with someone you care about; but you’ll also be rewarded for your generosity.

PFI loves referrals, so much so, we want to reward you! For every person you refer, receive a $20 credit to spend however you wish: Group Classes, Studio, activewear, books or equipment. So what are you waiting for?!

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