17 Jan 2019

Pilates: It Never Gets “Easier”, You Just Get Better

“Pilates never gets easier.”

It’s a powerful statement, and one with which you might immediately disagree: nevertheless, it is the truth*.

*True, with conditions: let’s unpack it a bit.

“Easy” is “not hard or difficult; requiring no great labour or effort”; something that is “not burdensome or oppressive”; and is “readily comprehended or mastered.”

Pilates gets easier, like any skill, with time and familiarity with the systems, repertoire, discourse (language); and easier again with improved physical intelligence, fitness, flexibility and strength.

Yes: with time aspects of the method will require less effort in some ways, but demand more in others. This is what makes this system of exercise so smart, accessible and maintainable: scalable challenge.

There is no finite level of mastery. Pilates is unique because it is supports evolution in self-mastery that is unique to the individual and moves with them through time.

This can be daunting for those who like to hit distinct milestones in the mastery of skills and then pack it all away as “done”; but we encourage it to be a freeing ideology.

Your potential in Pilates is only limited by your imagination (and your Instructor’s) and your commitment to the Method.

Once you have learned how to do the Pilates repertoire, you then learn how to refine this performance: how to do it better, do it differently and create new challenge.

Now is a good time to take stock of where you are with Pilates and where you’d like to be. Questioning is good, because it encourages change and inspires growth.

What do you want to work towards/master/bring focus to in your practice in 2019?

We put this question to our team:

“Chest lift. Just simple old chest lift.” – Super pregnant PFI + PilatesITC Director, Frances Cahill.

“Full Walk Over on the Cadi.” – PFI + PilatesITC Director, Suzanne Newby.

“After my wrist injury, surgeries and endless rehabbing, this year I want to work towards a Pull Up!” – PFI Instructor + PilatesITC Faculty, Lora Rainey.

“My goal for 2019 is to explore Pilates as a language that can form relationships and connection between humans. Also providing Pilates for community. Graciously giving with respect for ourselves and others.” – PFI Instructor + PilatesITC Faculty, Jessica Romano.

“Hula. My obliques suck!” – PFI HR Manager and Instructor, Franzi Tschammer.

The new-Mum brigade has a common spotlight on shoulders:“To un-Mum my shoulders.” – PilatesITC Student Administration Manager, Katie Sykes.

“Re-train my dodgy shoulders! I also want to work on my mindfulness during sessions.” – PFI + PilatesITC Marketing and Communications, Carly Wise.

“I have never been able to do Climb-A-Tree. I’d love to do that and Walk Over on the barrel/Cadi one day! I’ll start small and say my shoulder strength.” – PFI Instructor, Allyssa Vitler.

“Get to two classes a week! The rest is just an added bonus!” – PFI Instructor, Meaghan Barnaby.

“Balancing in Full Lunge on the Reformer.” – PFI Instructor, Jaime Kilmartin.

“Aiming for 2 x weightlifting and 2 x Pilates sessions per week in 2019!” – PFI Instructor, Karina Coventry.

https://bit.ly/2ANPxAT” – PFI Instructor + PilatesITC Faculty, Rachel Dekuyer.

The better you get, the harder it gets: even for the pros! Commit to the process, set some goals for yourself this year and test the limits of your potential; and remember, we’re here to help you get to where you want to be!



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