Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates helps you to feel strong, connected and released during every stage of your journey.


Whether it’s preparing for or recovering from birth, we’re here to guide you.

PFI is a specialist provider of pregnancy and post natal Pilates: our Instructors are highly experienced in working with pregnant and post natal clients. Emphasis on physical awareness (proprioception), breath and mindfulness mean Pilates is a great way for expectant- and new-Mums to make sense of their changing bodies, manage stress and strengthen key muscle groups.

Our dedicated pregnancy and post natal classes deliver safe Pilates repertoire that is also targeted, challenging, and scalable to your physical needs: on the Mat, on the Reformer, on the Pilates Chair and at the Barre.

What can you expect during your class?

  • A fun, creative, workout using Pilates apparatus (Reformer and Pilates Chair) and small props including: fitball, magic circle, bands and loops, weights and balls.
  • Specific cueing and alignment based techniques for optimising pelvic floor function.
  • Use of Pilates breathing for relaxation; discomfort and pain management.
  • Safe abdominal work to reduce rectus abdominal separation and aid recovery.
  • Controlled flexibility exercises.
  • Postural adjustment for optimal foetal positioning.
  • Upper body conditioning and muscle balance.
  • Lots of lower body challenge for spine and pelvic support.


Pregnancy Matwork
A 50-minute program plus 10-minutes allocated to connect with your Instructor on all things Pregnancy Matwork (60-minutes total). Utilising the Fitball as well as other Pilates small apparatus, our Pregnancy Matwork classes are creative, flowing, restorative and strengthening. Click here to find out more about the benefits of the Pilates Matwork.

Pregnancy Reformer
A 50-minute program plus 10-minutes allocated to connect with your Instructor on all things Pregnancy Reformer (60-minutes total). Enjoy a glowing Pilates Reformer workout tailored especially to the needs of your Pregnancy journey. Click here to find out more about the benefits of the Reformer.

Pregnancy Pilates Chair
A 50-minute program plus 10-minutes allocated to connect with your Instructor on all things Pregnancy Chair (60-minutes total). The Pilates Chair (A.K.A originally as the Wunda Chair) is an incredible piece of original Pilates equipment that is perfect for you during pregnancy. You’ll feel stretched and worked in all the right places. Click here to find out more about the benefits of the Pilates Chair.


Our Pregnancy and Post natal Barre classes are the perfect addition to your pregnancy Pilates mix, providing barre programming that will get your heart rate up and body warm in a controlled environment. You can also attend our regular Barre classes and our instructors will happily modify the class to ensure suitability for you.

Mums and Bubs

Our Mums and Bubs classes are tailored to the needs of a new mum to help re-build strength, flexibility and boost self-confidence. Classes also provide an opportunity to connect with other new Mums, all in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Baby is welcome to join in, chill out on the mat next to you or in the pram close by. Our instructors are always ready to cuddle and teach if your little one gets unsettled so that you can enjoy some much needed movement!


Our Introductory Group Pass is the best way to start Pilates with us – you can see what classes work best for you and for your body.

Enjoy two weeks of unlimited Pregnancy and Post-Natal Matwork, Reformer, Chair and Barre, for only $69!


With your safety in mind, we advise clients to opt out of regular Pilates classes and start Pregnancy Pilates and or Pre/Post-Natal Barre as soon as possible. Subject to medical advice otherwise, all of our pregnancy and post-natal classes are suitable from your first trimester through to delivery!

If you prefer an even more individually tailored approach our apparatus-based  Studio Pilates private and semi-private appointments are a great option.

Our Mums and Bubs group classes and Studio sessions are open to all new Mums, after the six-week (vaginal birth) or eight-week check (caesarean). Studio Pilates appointments are a great way to assess your rehabilitative needs and develop a training strategy to help accelerate a safe and speedy recovery.

All you need to bring to class is grip socks (compulsory in all formats for hygiene reasons); water to sip on, and either a full sized towel or thin yoga mat to place over the mat provided for Matwork based classes. Grip socks and yoga mats are available for purchase on site.



PFI is open seven days a week with specialised Pregnancy classes in Matwork, Chair and Reformer and Pre/Post-Natal Barre classes scheduled at convenient times across both studio locations.

Please note, bookings are essential to avoid disappointment. Booking is just one click away: secure a spot in your favourite class direct from our timetable pages!

We have a four-hour cancellation window and wait-list policy, to ensure you can get into all your preferred classes, as often as possible.



Membership is the most cost-effective way to keep enjoying your favourite classes.

Our Pregnancy membership gives you unlimited access to all pregnancy classes, including specialised classes for Matwork, Barre, Pilates Chair and Reformer.

We also have a selection of casual class packages available, so you can just drop in for a class whenever suits.