Reformer Pilates is a piece of original Pilates apparatus, uses springs and pulleys to create variable resistance, is a supportive and highly effective way to exercise, is challenging and a therapeutic movement.

We have a style to suit every. body.

Reformer Pilates is a traditional, apparatus-based Pilates format. The reformer itself is a narrow bed, complete with a sliding carriage, straps and pulleys that are made more or less resistant by adding or removing loaded springs.

Feedback from the apparatus reinforces technique and challenges stability, while the manipulation of resistance creates work in big and small muscle groups alike, culminating in powerful, whole-body conditioning. Similarly to Matwork, all exercises on the Reformer are scalable, making this a truly versatile format.

The benefits of Reformer Pilates are many, including: improved mobility and flexibility; postural correction; development of long, lean muscle tone; and strengthening, from the inside-out. Reformer can also accelerate performance results as part of a cross-training regimen and can be effectively incorporated into rehabilitation programs, most commonly in a Private and or Semi-Private Studio setting.


Reformer Fundamentals
Start at the very beginning with Reformer Fundamentals. A 50-minute program plus 10-minutes allocated to connect with your Instructor on all things Reformer learning (60-minutes total). This allows us to meet you exactly where you are and build the skills you need to refine your practice, maximise satisfaction and help you see results – fast! 


Flow, creative programming and props: no two classes are ever the same and you’re always guaranteed a work-out. Consolidate and expand on your Reformer skills, and dip your toe in the pool of higher-level repertoire: find your challenge and progress your practice.

Reformer Challenge

Chase your challenge! Refine your Reformer skills and kick your performance up a gear with integrated repertoire all packaged up in programming that creatively builds and mixes intensity.


Our Introductory Group Pass is the most cost-effective way to make a start, so that you can see what works for you and your body.

Enjoy two weeks of unlimited Reformer, Chair, Arc, Matwork, Barre Attack and Pregnancy and Post Natal classes, for only $69!

Basic Reformer classes are compulsory for anyone new to the format: three to five beginner classes over two weeks will equip you with the skills you need to move up to Progressive level classes.


Quality in our Reformer classes starts from the ground-up! Our studios use imported, Balanced Body Allegro Reformers and only the best, professional-grade small props, including: weights, poles, magic circles, resistance bands, balls, foam rollers and more!

All you need to bring to class is grip socks (compulsory in all formats for hygiene reasons); and water to sip on. Grip socks are available for purchase on site.


PFI is open seven days a week with classes scheduled at convenient times throughout the day, across three studio locations. You can use your Intro Pass, membership or casual packages at all of our studios, for early and mid-morning, lunchtime and evening classes.

Please note, bookings are essential for Intro Pass clients, and to avoid disappointment, encouraged for classes scheduled during peak times. Booking is just one click away: secure a spot in your favourite class direct from our timetable pages!

We have a four-hour cancellation window and wait-list policy, to ensure you can get into all your preferred classes, as often as possible.


Membership is the most cost-effective way to enjoy Reformer classes.

If you just want to include some Apparatus group classes to your week, our Apparatus membership gives you access to 2 of any of our Apparatus styles per week – choose between Reformer at all levels, Pilates Arc and Pilates Chair!

After variety in your workouts? Our monthly All Access membership gives you access to any and all of our group classes at any of our studios. It’s All Access, Pilates magic!

We also have a selection of casual class packages available, so you can just drop in for a class whenever suits.