Ayurvedic medicine is a very ancient traditional healing system. Originating in India more than 3 000 years ago, Ayurveda is a still a renowned holistic science taking into account your unique constitution and current state of balance.

Your whole world including your genes, work, relationships, diet, time of life, environment, satiety, desires and more all influence your current state of happiness, wellbeing and clarity.

Our Ayurvedic services are lead by Peta Crogan, a certified practitioner and member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association with over 20 years experience in the medical and health sciences. Her approach is to mesh this ancient science with extensive previous training including Pathology, Medical Research, Nutrition, Fertility and Healing Arts to bring you a scientifically supported, holistic and healing experience. Read below for more information about Peta.



Teamed with a relaxing face, shoulders, head and neck massage, Zanti Ayurveda signature facials utilise plant based herbs and oils tailored to your constitution and needs. Skin is exfoliated, cleansed, nourished and renewed. Suitable for relaxation, or to treat conditions including acne, pigmentation, scaring, inflammation and the effects of time. May contain essential oils.

Appointment duration: Allow 70 mins includes consultation time
Price: $120


Teamed with a relaxing face, shoulders, head and neck massage, Zanti Ayurveda Kansa wand facial utilise beautiful oils tailored to your constitution and needs along with the traditional Kansa wand massage tool.

Kansa is the precious healing metal, bronze and renown for drawing impurities out of the tissues while relaxing muscle contraction and increasing circulation to improve the look of skin. This massage technique addresses multiple marma points in the face for improvement of muscle tone, digestion, emotional release, improved breathing and sinus condition, reduction of TMJ tension and improved complexion. Includes cleansing and nourishing oil treatment. May contain essential oils.

Appointment duration: 50 mins includes consultation time
Price: $80


Traditional organic healing oils are applied during meridian and marma point massage.

Abhyanga is known to deeply nourish tissues, nurture and settle the central nervous system, encourage healing and impart longevity. Relieves pain, reduces stress and improves circulation.

Appointment duration: Allow 45 minutes
Price: $75

Appointment duration: Allow 60 minutes
Price: $95

Appointment duration: Allow 90 minutes
Price: $140


Bliss out with a warm herbal foot soak while you enjoy a seated head, neck and face massage. We use the most natural, organic products and sustainable practises.

Appointment duration: Allow 45 mins includes consultation time
Price: $75


Kansa massage utilises the healing metal, bronze, and nourishing oils to draw out impurities, while nourishing and stimulating the tissues. As the whole body is represented on the feet, kansa wand foot detox is capable of stimulating healing and relaxation throughout the deep organs and tissues of the body.

Total appointment duration: Allow 70 minutes including consultation time
Price: $115


I started my career in pathology, because I didn’t know naturopathy existed. I loved it, but didn’t love the dangerous chemicals needed every day to do my job. Soon after finishing my first degree, I began learning about natural therapies.

Health crises with my children lead me to search for answers the medical profession couldn’t give me and my understanding deepened. I have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the health sciences, including medical research, assisted fertility, wellness and nutrition, had three children and traveled around Australia, before finding my true calling in Ayurveda.

In my happiest, relaxed existence, am a creative. I’ve written songs which may or may not have been pinched by the (terrible) singer, I’ve written poems which found themselves repurposed as epitaphs, I wrote a thesis and my grandmother’s biography. I love crochet, but can’t follow patterns, I like to draw, paint and sew, but a favourite way to spend the day is making a complete mess in my kitchen, creating healing foods and home remedies from scratch.

I try to feed my family and clients with healthful and sustainable choices, maintain a balanced life and enjoy the beach. I’m not very funny, but I find others funny and laugh in both appropriate times and not. I like to make people feel better. That is my thing. I see pain, I feel angst, I hurt for nature and wish to make it better – I wish to make each place I touch a little better than I found it. I believe healthy, relaxed people make more better and more creative choices.

I seem to swim upstream, against the flow. As such, I became a home-schooling mum for five delicious years, seemed to choose different options to those all around me, and sold our home and business to travel around Australia for two years.

Most of all, I am a facilitator. My five years home-schooling taught me that if I placed appropriate and up-stepping choices in front of my kids, curiosity and nature would do the rest. I can provide you with simple, effective and achievable options for greater health. Then your curiosity and momentum-creating results can do the rest.

I believe my background equips me well to hear you, well. My own health journey helps me to understand and just maybe help you find an emotional trigger or physical factor which has been overlooked. If nothing else, I can give you tools to relieve the overstimulation brought about by our modern, rushed and competitive society.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing what we can unravel together.